Sample Request for Qualifications

FBCI is committed to helping communities achieve their desired futures through effecitve form-based codes. Many communities seek consultants to help them create new codes. Unfortunately, FBCI has found some consultants with little or no expertise representing themselves as form-based code experts. We created this template to help communities ask the right questions when issuing a RFP or RFQ.

This template provides a complete 6-page Request for Qualifications. It solicits the critical pieces of information necessary to evaluate a potential consultant’s expertise. It contains background information (why a community desires a form-based code), suggested scope of services, description of the character of the area to be coded, and request for previous planning documents or demonstration of previous work. The “Consultant” referred to in the document may be an individual, firm, or team of individuals/firms, who would respond to the RFQ.

The sample RFQ works very effectively with the FBCI Evaluation Checklist, to help you evaluate consultant qualifications and work proposals. We invite you to customize the template to meet your particular needs.


Sample Request for Qualifications PDF 187 kb

Sample Request for Qualifications Doc 62 kb