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Opticos Design
, Inc.
Oct 29 2013

A regulating plan for the Madisonville neighborhood, in northeast Cincinnati, is the first to be approved under a form-based code intended to apply to 42 neighborhoods throughout the city. Madisonville community leaders see it as a framework for revitalization.

Roger Drouin
Sep 19 2013

Sarasota City Commissioners approved a plan and funding for a form-based zoning code. An Urban Design Studio staffed by the project's planners will be open to the public during the coding process to faciliate their review and comment on the plan.

Jun 29 2013

An interview with Karin Murphy of the City of Sarasota's Urban Design Studio. The Urban Design Studio is leading the efforts to draft a form-based code for the City.

Gene Davis
, Community Impact Newspaper
Jun 26 2013

Austin reviews draft form-based code for Airport Boulevard from Lamar Boulevard to I-35. Incorporating many ideas discussed in the North Loop and Brentwood/Highland Combined Neighborhood Plan, the code will implement the community's vision for the evolving corridor.

Charles McMahon
Jun 10 2013

A successful charette concluded with about 100 participants attending the final presentation. The next phase of the project, a rough draft of the proposed downtown form-based code, will be available in August for public review with a goal of adoption before the end of the year.

Gregory M. Frech
, GMF+ Architecture
May 31 2013

As San Clemente considers proposed zoning changes, one architect argues that a form-based code would be a better alternative to maintain the downtown's existing charm and vitality. 

Lawrence Cosentino
, Lansing City Pulse
May 29 2013

Led by Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, the City Council debates budgeting for the implementation of form-based codes seen as critical to implement the City's master plan.

Caitlin Koenig
, Soapbox Cincinnati
May 14 2013

Cincinnati's City Council unanimously approves a form-based code. Four neighborhoods--College Hill, Madisonville, Walnut Hills, and Westwood--will be the first to implement the new standards.

Charles Mcmahon
May 9 2013

Portsmouth 4-day charette kicks off the FBC project for an 80-acre area of the downtown.

Erik LeDuc
, Ruidoso News
May 7 2013

Capitan considers FBCs as an alternative to the "old-fashioned zoning" currently used. An overhaul of the existing zoning ordinance is planned upon completion of the comprehensive plan.