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Introductory Course

FBC 101e: ABCs of FBCs On-Line

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This 8-hour web-based course replicates FBCI's popular one-day ABCs of Form-Based Codes. It is a comprehensive introduction in which participants learn the principles and components of FBCs, as powerful regulatory tools to shape community form and character. The course gives a complete overview and solid grounding in the practice of creating and implementing form-based codes. The e-learning format allows you to take it conveniently from your home or office, in a single day or during a period of up to six weeks. The course is composed of eight segments arranged in sequential order, with recorded presentations, reading assignments and a virtual field exercise. Each of the eight segments builds upon the preceding one to create a comprehensive body of knowledge.
Note - FBC101e substitues for The ABCs of Form-Based Codes. It fulfills the prerequisite for Advanced Courses.

Advanced Courses

FBC 201: Preparing a Form-Based Code: Design Considerations

To Be Announced - Fall 2014

During two days, participants gain an in-depth understanding of urban form for a regulatory framework. Instructors show how to create form-based codes that frame the public space. They show how to conceptualize the urban character of a street by drawing upon an area’s historic form. Instructors present design principles through lecture and case study, combining these with “hands-on” participatory exercises to create the basic elements of a form-based code. Participants learn how to create and use building form and public space standards within a regulating plan. The class explores design possibilities for greenfield sites, redevelopment sites, already built-out communities and regional plans. Locally-based panelists discuss real world design challenges.


FBC 301: Completing, Adopting and Administering the Code

Charlottesville, VA  May 22-23, 2014 MORE INFO & REGISTER

In this two-day course, participants learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of a form-based code. They gain an in-depth look at the mechanics, advantages and disadvantages of mandatory, parallel and floating-zone form-based codes. Instructors explain how to structure the coding process, including what must happen before and after the code is drafted, what to keep and what to discard from an existing conventional code, the legal aspects of adopting a FBC (e.g., its consistency with a comprehensive plan), insulating against potential challenges, adoption mechanics and post-adoption implementation. They discuss design review within the application process and lead a case study on administrative provisions used across the country. 



Introductory Course


Advanced Courses

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Live Webinars: $75 per weblink

Recorded Webinars: $50 per weblink
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Private/Corporate Attendees
Standard Registration: $700
Standard + FBC 101e: $800
Public/Nonprofit/Student Attendees 
One registration: $650
Registration + FBC 101e: $750

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